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Commander of Ukraine's Air Force posts video of combat work: 1,953 Shaheds shot down in 2024 – video

Tuesday, 25 June 2024, 15:36
Commander of Ukraine's Air Force posts video of combat work: 1,953 Shaheds shot down in 2024 – video
Shot down "Shahed". Photo: Global Images Ukraine via Getty Images

Since the beginning of the year, the Russian occupation forces have launched 2,277 Shahed-type attack drones at the territory of Ukraine, and Ukraine's air defence system has destroyed about 86% of the Russian drones.

Source: Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk, Commander of the Air Force, on Telegram

Quote: "Morning reports from the Air Force in the form of infographics are not just results with dozens of downed Shaheds; they are powerful anti-aircraft battles every night. Here are several successful and emotional episodes of combat work of the Air Force mobile fire groups."


Details: Ukraineʼs Air Force reports that since 1 January 2024, the Russians have launched 2,277 Shahed attack drones on the territory of Ukraine. Air defence destroyed about 86% of them, or 1,953 Shaheds.

Oleshchuk stressed that such results were achieved due to the increase in combat capabilities of the Ukrainian defence forces' mobile fire groups. These are thousands of soldiers who go to firing positions almost every night and shoot down Russian UAVs with all the weapons they have.


Currently, the small arms, anti-aircraft guns, and man-portable air defence systems in service with the mobile firing groups have been modified and equipped with additional equipment capable of ensuring good combat performance. These include night vision devices, thermal imagers, optics, laser pointers, searchlights, electronic warfare equipment, software, and off-road vehicles. This allows Ukrainian forces to engage Russian targets more efficiently and rationally.

Quote: "More than 80% of the downed Shaheds are accounted for by the mobile fire groups of the Ukrainian defence forces.

So, I thank everyone who increases the accuracy of the mobile firing groups by providing them with the necessary equipment for effective work! These are charitable foundations, local communities, volunteers and activists, Ukrainians and the international community."

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