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Trump's headquarters outlines his vision for ending Russia's war against Ukraine

Wednesday, 26 June 2024, 09:44
Trump's headquarters outlines his vision for ending Russia's war against Ukraine
Donald Trump. Photo: Getty Images

At the request of Voice of America, the headquarters of US presidential candidate Donald Trump stated that the priority of Trump's potential second term will be to put an end to the war between Russia and Ukraine as soon as possible, adding that European countries should make a greater contribution to maintaining security.

Source: written response from Steven Cheung, Communications Director of the Trump campaign, to a request from Voice of America, as reported by European Pravda

Details: Cheung noted that presidential candidate Trump has repeatedly indicated that a critical priority of his second term would be to quickly reach an agreement to end the Russo-Ukrainian war. Trump believes that European countries should bear a greater share of the costs, arguing that it is unfair to American taxpayers for the United States to have paid significantly more.


As stated in the letter, Trump "will do whatever it takes to restore peace and restore American strength and deterrence on the world stage".

The headquarters calls Trump "the only person" who can end Russia's war against Ukraine and notes that it would not have started if he had been president.


  • On 25 June, two of Trump's advisers presented him with a plan to end Russia's war against Ukraine. The plan stipulates that if elected president, Trump may cut off military aid to Ukraine if it refuses to hold peace talks, while Moscow will be warned that any refusal to negotiate will lead to increased support for Kyiv.
  • The Washington Post has previously suggested that Trump is seeking to push Ukraine to make territorial concessions to Russia in order to end the war.
  • Trump himself has often boasted that he could negotiate a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine within 24 hours if elected. But he has repeatedly refused to publicly elaborate on how he would do so.

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