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Russia strikes Kramatorsk with missiles, hit school

Russian agent sentenced to 14 years in prison for taking photos of military objects in Kramatorsk 

Russian forces hit Kramatorsk, Donetsk Oblast

Russians fire four missiles on Kramatorsk

Senior injured in missile attack on Kramatorsk

Russians attack city of Kramatrosk: 8-year-old boy injured

Russian forces attack Kramatorsk, injuring 11 civilians

Russians shelled centre of Kramatorsk, several people wounded

Russia strikes enterprise in Kramatorsk and art school in Chasovyi Yar

Russian missile hits downtown Kramatorsk

Kramatorsk hospital catches fire after being hit in early hours of 7 September

Russian missiles hit educational institutions in Kramatorsk and Mykolaiv

Russian forces hit Kramatorsk: civilian casualties

Russians launch rocket strike on Kramatorsk: 2 civilians killed, 5 injured

3 bodies recovered from under rubble in Kramatorsk

Body found under the rubble of a school in Kramatorsk; there may be more people

Russians hit central Kramatorsk with P-37 cruise missile – Head of Donetsk Oblast Military Administration

There are casualties after Russian attack on central Kramatorsk

Russian forces strike Kramatorsk industrial district

Russia conducts airstrikes on Kramatorsk and attacks Sloviansk

Invaders hit centre of Kramatorsk. There are victims – the mayor

Russians strike Kramatorsk for the second time in one day: a woman wounded

The Russian army hit Kramatorsk with Smerch MLRS

Industrial facilities damaged in Kramatorsk air strike

Kramatorsk and neighbouring cities without electricity. Power line broken - mayor

Russian air strikes target Kramatorsk residential neighbourhoods

SSU eхpertise confirms: Kramatorsk railway station was shelled from Point U by occupiers

Russian missile strike on Kramatorsk: 25 wounded

Donetsk region: Russians hit Kramatorsk with missiles, killing one and wounding others

Fewer people evacuating from the Luhansk region after Kramatorsk attack