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Body found under the rubble of a school in Kramatorsk; there may be more people

Thursday, 21 July 2022, 16:29


Following the shelling of a school in Kramatorsk, the body of a man has been found, and two more people may be under the rubble.

Source: State Emergency Service of Ukraine


Details: In the city, emergency rescue and search operations continue at the school, which was destroyed in the attack.

Rescue workers found and retrieved the body of a man. Two more people may be under the rubble.

About 110 tonnes of destroyed elements of the school building have been cleared away and dismantled, and work continues.

Previously: On 21 July, Russian troops destroyed schools in Kramatorsk and Konstiantynivka, in addition to shelling the industrial area of Kramatorsk and the centre of Bakhmut.

Russian troops struck the centre of Kramatorsk on 19 July, and a few days before that, they hit the industrial zone of the city.

On 3 July Kramatorsk came under fire twice: the Comfort Park Hotel and the road were hit, and houses and schools were damaged as well.