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Russians strike two factories in Donetsk Oblast with missiles

Hunted for HIMARS near Kramatorsk: 2 more Ukrainian traitors detained

Teenage girl wounded by Russians on 29 April dies in Kramatorsk

Minute's silence to be announced at all railway stations in Ukraine on anniversary of attack on Kramatorsk

Evacuation operation underway in flooded Kramatorsk

Hundreds of houses flooded in Kramatorsk due to destroyed gateway, water rising

Russian forces hit centre of Kramatorsk, causing damage

Russians shell Kramatorsk with cluster munitions: casualties reported

Number of injured due to missile attack in Kramatorsk rises to nine people, 25 buildings damaged

Russian forces attack centre of Kramatorsk in morning, killing one person

Russians attack industrial area of Kramatrosk with two missiles

Ukrainian defenders destroy three UAVs, air defence and ammunition dump of Russians – General Staff

Death toll following missile attack on house in Kramatorsk rises to 4 people, rubble cleared

Missile attack on Kramatorsk: 4 civilians killed

Russia launches missiles on centre of Kramatorsk again, hit clinic and apartment buildings

Russian strike on Kramatorsk: number of victims increases

Missile attack on Kramatorsk: 2 killed, 8 hospitalised

Russian missile destroys apartment block in Kramatorsk, several dead and injured

Russia again attacked Kramatorsk

Russians attack Kramatorsk in morning: rocket falls near kindergarten, killing civilian

Car and passengers hit as Russia strikes Kramatorsk with rockets

Armed Forces of Ukraine refute Russia's claim of "revenge" for Makiivka with strike on Kramatorsk

Russian forces hit Kramatorsk overnight using missiles, 8 multi-storey residential buildings damaged

Russians attack Kramatorsk, hit apartment building

Russian forces hit Kramatorsk, one person wounded

Russian missiles damage residential buildings and wound man in Kramatorsk, Donetsk Oblast

French journalists come under missile attack during live broadcast from Kramatorsk

Kramatorsk under Russian attack

Occupiers attack industrial area of Kramatorsk, Donetsk Oblast with missiles

Russians attack Kramatorsk using S-300, hit educational facilities and apartment blocks