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Amid G20 summit, Scholz and Meloni urge Putin to withdraw from Ukraine

Biden explains why Russia was not named aggressor in G20 declaration

US Secretary of State defends G20 declaration that disappointed Ukraine

Biden: G20 summit sees consensus on peace in Ukraine

This year's G20 statement "could appease Moscow"

Macron: The G20 Declaration is not a diplomatic victory for Russia

Ukraine disappointed with G20 declaration, Foreign Ministry suggests correct wording

G20 summit participants urge to restore Black Sea Grain Initiative

G20 Summit agrees on joint declaration finding compromise on Ukraine

EU not sure G20 will be able to agree on declaration due to different stances over war in Ukraine

We are working on interaction with G20 so that Ukraine's voice is heard there – Foreign Minister

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry working to get Ukraine invited to G20 summit

Ukraine's Foreign Minister discusses G20 meeting and special tribunal for Russia with his US counterpart

G20 meeting ends without joint communique: Russia and China disagree on wording used for Russian war

Verkhovna Rada calls for Russia to be expelled from G20

Majority of G20 condemns Russia’s war against Ukraine in joint declaration

Zelenskyy on Russia’s missile attack: Slap in face of G20

Zelenskyy calls G20 "G19", striking out Russia

Zelenskyy outlines Ukraine’s 10-point "formula for peace" at G20 summit

Zelensky prepares to address the "G19 summit"

Ukraine plans to ask G20 to exclude Russia

Volodymyr Zelenskyy: Ukrainian position for G20 Summit has been established