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Kyiv Oblast

Aide to Ukraine's commander-in-chief killed at home near Kyiv in grenade explosion

Threat of Russian UAV attacks in Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast, air defence network activated

A story of hope: Ukrainska Pravda tracks down legendary granny Baba Nadia from Myhalky, who told the Russians where to go

Baba Nadia, the Russian invasion, a Russian warship and hope for the future: UP tracks down the originator of a legendary meme from Myhalky

German prosecutor's office investigates Russian military crime in Hostomel

Attack on Kyiv Oblast damages 21 buildings; debris falls in Mezhyhirya National Park

Echo of occupation: car hits a mine in Kyiv Oblast, driver dies

Soldiers train to fight with saboteurs in Chornobyl zone

Night attack on Kyiv Oblast: 4 victims, over 100 damaged houses

Night attack: school, kindergarten, infrastructure facility and 8 buildings damaged in Kyiv Oblast

Air defence responds in Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast

Debris in cemetery, fire and destruction: aftermath of Russian attack in Kyiv Oblast

Air defence deployed in Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast

Russia attacks Kyiv Oblast with missiles in morning, wounding 2 civilians

Air defence responding near Kyiv

Russia attacks infrastructure facility in Zhytomyr Oblast

He recruited women for prostitution in Israel: Ukrainian police shuts down human trafficking scheme

Fake representative of Defence Ministry extorts money for "help" in releasing soldier from captivity

Russia launches 4 Kinzhal missiles at Ukraine: one missile shot down, three hit near airfield

Air defence downs Russian drones in Kyiv Oblast

Air defence responds on approaches to Kyiv

Threat of Russian drone attack in Kyiv and several oblasts

Ukraine's air defence shoots down cruise missiles over Dnipro and Kyiv and Kharkiv oblasts

Russian drones attack Kyiv Oblast, Ukrainian air defence activated

Air defence destroys all Russian Shahed drones on approach to Kyiv

Air defence in operation in Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast

Launch of Shahed drones on Kyiv Oblast: high-rise building and 12 private houses damaged

Ukraine's air defence forces downed all drones Russia launched on Kyiv overnight

Air defence activated in Kyiv Oblast after air raid warning issued in Kyiv

Ukraine’s Security Service investigates priest of Moscow-linked church in Borodianka for helping Russian forces

1376 people killed and 317 missing in Kyiv Oblast since beginning of Russian invasion