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Kyiv Oblast

Number of people killed in Russian missile attack on Vyshhorod rises to seven

Volodymyr Zelenskyy visits Vyshhorod, where a missile hit a house

Turned on power generator indoors: two families poisoned by gas in Kyiv Oblast

Death toll after Russian missile attack on Kyiv Oblast rises to 7

Number of people killed in missile attack in Vyshhorod rises to six

35 people injured in Kyiv Oblast, 31 of them in Vyshhorod, following Russian missile attack

4 people killed by Russian missile attacks in Vyshhorod district of Kyiv Oblast

One person dead and dozens injured in missile attack on Kyiv Oblast

"There was looting, and a mother and daughter were raped": Russian soldier confirms crimes in Kyiv Oblast

Ukraine’s air defence shoots down 4 cruise missiles over Kyiv and 2 Shahed drones over Kyiv Reservoir

Number of people killed in massive Russian attack on 15 November has risen to two

Situation is critical: Residents of Kyiv Oblast being prepared to long blackouts

Missile attack on Kyiv Oblast: police post video of hit

Raped pregnant woman: police expose two more invaders who tortured people in Kyiv Oblast

425 shelters being prepared in Kyiv in case of a possible nuclear strike

Head of Kyiv Oblast says power outages might last weeks

200 bodies of victims of Russian soldiers remain unidentified in Kyiv Oblast

Russia attacks Kyiv’s critical infrastructure, several missiles shot down

Anti-aircraft defence system deployed in Kyiv, Poltava and Vinnytsia oblasts

Zelenskyy: We are working to fix power crisis in Kyiv Oblast

Russia attacks energy facilities in Kyiv Oblast with drones, which leads to tighter restrictions in Ukraine’s centre

Strikes in Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine's air defence shoots down Russian air targets

Rescue crews extinguish fire after Russians strike Kyiv Oblast

Russians launch Shahed drones from Belarus

Russian invaders illegally exported 147 peaceful Ukrainians during the occupation of Kyiv Oblast

Russians deported at least 147 civilians during occupation of Kyiv Oblast

Missile fragments discovered in the Kyiv region, one of them with a 400 kg payload

Air defence shot down several missiles flying at Kyiv — Mayor of Kyiv

Bodies of civilians killed during occupation still being found in Kyiv Oblast

Air defences shoot down several Russian missiles over Kyiv, danger persists