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Kyiv Oblast

Kyiv Oblast: fragments of Russian drones damage buildings, civilian injured

Ukraine's Air Force warns citizens of Russian UAVs in Kyiv and other oblasts

Five hours of explosions: 10 hectares of forest in Kyiv Oblast burn down after Russian shelling

A Russian drone was detected in Kyiv Oblast so the air defence forces were activated

Number of victims after Russian aerial attack on Kyiv Oblast rises to 7, 4-year old child injured

Number of victims in Kyiv Oblast rises to 6: elderly woman injured, teenager saved himself in basement

Russian strike damages private houses in Kyiv Oblast, victims reported

Air defence activated in Kyiv Oblast

Accommodation and over 20 cars damaged in Russian attack on Kyiv Oblast

Authorities report on air defence deployment on approaches to Kyiv and oblast

Air defence activated in Kyiv Oblast

Overnight attack on Kyiv Oblast: child among injured

Powerful explosions heard in Kyiv, authorities report air defence operating in capital and oblast

Third air-raid warning in Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast since beginning of day

Russians attack Kyiv Oblast with 10 Iskander missiles, air defence systems shoot down all targets – General Staff

Ukraine's National Police clarifies aftermath of Russian night attack on Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast: 13 injured, one woman killed

Four wounded, damaged houses, offices, cars – police show consequences of attack on Kyiv region

Russia attacked Kyiv Oblast with 11 ballistic and cruise missiles, all downed – Ukraine's Commander-in-Chief

Air-raid warning in force in Ukraine for more than an hour: explosions in Kyiv

Building catches fire in Kyiv Oblast during Russian attack

Damaged housing and infrastructure facilities – aftermath of Russian attack on Kyiv Oblast

Air defence activated in Kyiv and namesake oblast, some targets shot down

Missile fragments damaged 7 private houses in Kyiv Oblast

Air-raid warnings issued across Ukraine, air defence activated on Kyiv's outskirts

Kyiv Oblast attacked by 18 Shahed drones at night

Police post photo of wreckage of downed missiles in Kyiv Oblast

Ukraine's air defence systems target Russian drones near Boryspil – Kyiv Mayor

Air defence systems activated in Kyiv and Oblast

Russia tried to destroy Patriot air defence system with Kinzhal missile shot down near Kyiv – CNN

Kyiv Oblast: there is a threat of UAVs, air defence is activated