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Kyiv Oblast

Volunteer formations in Kyiv Oblast armed with over 8,000 weapons

Over 280 people still missing in Kyiv Oblast – Kyiv Oblast Police Chief

Police post photos of wreckage of another missile shot down in Kyiv Oblast

Body of downed Russian pilot found on bank of Kyiv Reservoir

Police post photos of wreckage of Russian missile in Kyiv Oblast

"Hell has come to you." Will the village of Peremoha celebrate Victory Day after Russian occupation?

Explosions rock Kyiv, air defence reportedly activated

Air defence activated during air-raid warning in Kyiv, explosions heard

Air defence activated in Kyiv and oblast

Police posts images of fragments of Russian missile downed in Kyiv Oblast

Debris from Russian missile damages multi-storey building in Ukrainka, Kyiv Oblast: child in hospital

Air defence activated in Kyiv and namesake oblast

Air-raid warning issued in part of Ukraine, air target spotted over Kyiv Oblast

38 children were killed in Kyiv Oblast during Russian occupation

Bodies of 195 Kyiv Oblast residents killed by Russians are yet to be identified – police

Zelenskyy appoints Kravchenko as head of Kyiv Oblast Military Administration

Tractor hits an anti-tank mine in Kyiv Oblast

Ukraine appoints new head of Kyiv Oblast Military Administration

Destroyed AN-225 Mriya: former chair of Antonov company served with another notice of suspicion

Russians committed over 9,000 war crimes in Bucha district

Explosions were heard and the air defence system was activated in Kyiv Oblast as several Shahed drones were destroyed

Threat of Russian drone attack in Kyiv Oblast

Russian attack on Rzhyshchiv: Death toll rises to 9, search operation completed

Shahed UAVs attack on dormitory: death toll in Rzhyshchiv rises

Shahed drones' attack on Rzhyshchiv: Number of victims rises to 7

Russian attack on Kyiv Oblast: death toll rises to 4

Night attack of "Shahed" on Kyiv Oblast: school dormitories in Rzhyshchiv damaged, four dead

Air defence deployed in Kyiv Oblast

Young man in Kyiv Oblast brings hand grenade home and nearly dies

Air defence activated in Kyiv Oblast