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Kyiv Oblast

Ukraine's air defence responds to Russian attacks in Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast

Shaheds in Kyiv Oblast: houses and cars damaged in two districts – photo

Air-raid warning issued in Kyiv City and oblast, air defence forces deployed

Russian drone attack repelled in Kyiv Oblast, but critical infrastructure facility catches fire

Air defence operating in Kyiv Oblast

11 houses and 11 cars damaged in Kyiv Oblast

Air-raid warnings issued in Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast overnight due to threat of Russian missile attacks

Shahed drone attack: wreckage damages private residences in Kyiv Oblast

Russian drone attack: fire breaks out in Kyiv Oblast, damaging 8 cars

Air defence operating in Kyiv Oblast, Russian UAVs spotted

Air-raid warning issued in Kyiv and two oblasts due to missile threat

Ukrainian air defences destroy 8 missiles heading towards Kyiv – Air Force

Photos posted by Ukrainian police show aftermath of Russian missile attack on Kyiv Oblast

Ukrainian air defence downs all Russian missiles targeting Kyiv on approach to city

Air defence network responding to missile attack in Kyiv Oblast

Ukraine's Air Force issues missile threat warning in Kyiv Oblast overnight

Ukrainian air defences engage Russian drones over Kyiv Oblast

Residential buildings, cars and business premises damaged in Russia's overnight drone attack on Kyiv Oblast

Air defence responding to Russian attacks in Kyiv and its oblast

US imposes sanctions against Russian military for war crimes in Bucha and Andriivka

Infrastructure facility damaged in Shahed drone attack on Kyiv Oblast

Air defence network responding in Kyiv Oblast

Morning attack on Kyiv Oblast damages 18 houses and private business

Russians claim to have attacked Ukrainian ammunition depot in Kyiv Oblast

Giant missile found in Kyiv Oblast forest

Air defence downs all Russian drones in Kyiv Oblast, no one injured

Air defence systems were responding in Kyiv Oblast

Death of Commander-in-Chief's aide: officer served with notice of suspicion

Investigation considers 4 lines of enquiry in case of Zaluzhnyi's aide death

State Bureau of Investigations to investigate death of aide of Ukraine's Commander-in-Chief