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Ukrainian Navy: two Russian ships with Kalibr missiles operating in Black Sea

Russians launch 76 attacks on border area of Sumy Oblast in one day

Russian ships armed with 12 Kalibr cruise missiles sail to Black Sea

Russia removes Kalibrs from Black Sea

Ukraine’s Security Council Secretary dismisses Russia’s claims about Sevastopol Bay attack as “paranoia and delusions”

Russia blocks 218 vessels with Ukrainian grain

Russia announce that unmanned surface vessels were launched from civilian grain vessel on Black Sea

Record number of ships passed through Ukraine’s Danube ports on Saturday – Ministry of Infrastructure

Such a ship has nothing to do with the Black Sea – Commander of Naval Forces about cruiser "Moskva"

Father of conscript from Moskva cruiser receives death certificate 110 days later

Putin signs new Maritime Doctrine mentioning NATO expansion and the protection of the Black Sea

Kherson shipyard seized by Russian occupying forces

Navigation via Danube-Black Sea Canal resumes following liberation of Zmiinyi (Snake) Island

Russian occupiers raise the destroyed ship Saratov with the idea of repairing it

Russian forces removed one missile ship from the Black Sea - Pivden [South] Operational Command

Damaged Russian tugboat "The Vasily Bekh" has sunk – Odessa Oblast Military Administration

Armed Forces of Ukraine show how they turned Russian tugboat into a floating bonfire

Good morning indeed: the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the occupiers' tugboat, which was transporting people and weapons to Zmiinyi (Snake) Island

Russia stated it completed demining of the port of Mariupol and would open a corridor for foreign ships

Russia has put two-thirds of its submarines out to sea - each with missiles

Large Russian landing ship with signs of damage spotted in Sevastopol

Russia replied to the father of a conscript from "Moskva": the ship did not take part in the war, they don’t know where the son is

More than half the crew of the cruise ship "Moskva" might have consisted of conscripts - the media

Farewell ceremony for the sunken Moskva in Russia-annexed Crimea

The "Moskva" capsized and is sinking

Russians fired on the ice-breaker "Kapitan Belousov", which was crewed by civilians – Azov

“Russian warship, go f*ck yourself” Ukrayinska Pravda located yachts of Russian oligarchs in Europe

Ukrainian Pravda has located the yachts of Russian oligarchs who are close to the Russian President Putin.

Russians captured two more Ukrainian civilian ships

Source : State Border Guard Service

Literally : "Yesterday, having announced a "counter-terrorist operation" in the northwestern part of the Black Sea, Russian Navy seized two more Ukrainian civilian ships."

Russia attacked ships flying Romanian and Panamanian flags

Roman Petrenko – Friday, 25 February 2022, 14:26

The General Staff stated that Russia shot a bunker vessel flying the Romanian flag. At the same time, co-owner of the tug operator P&O Maritime Andrei Stavnitser said that according to preliminary information, the missile hit a vessel flying the flag of Panama.

Source: General Staff and Stavnitser on Facebook