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Ukraine's Navy explains how Russia seeks to protect its fleet from drone attacks

Two Russian landing craft and tanker spotted in Spanish sovereign waters

Russian Yamal landing ship critically damaged

UK Defence Intelligence reports on Russia's failed attempts to disguise aircraft and ships

Commander-in-chief of Russian Navy dismissed – Russian media

Zelenskyy inspects corvettes being built for Ukraine in Türkiye

Zelenskyy names second corvette for Ukraine after Hetman Ivan Vyhovskyi – video

No Russian warships have entered Black Sea for four days in row

27 Russians wounded and 7 killed in sinking of Sergei Kotov patrol boat, Ukrainian intelligence says

No Russian vessel has entered Black Sea since patrol ship was sunk

5 surface drones destroy Russian patrol ship Sergei Kotov with helicopter on board

Ukrainian intelligence shows video of sinking of Russian patrol ship Sergei Kotov – video

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence on destroying Russian warship: There were casualties

Kerch Bridge closed for over 8 hours: Russian news outlets report that new ship has been sunk

Target and eliminate: How Ukraine's Magura drones devastate Russian ships

Most crew members of Russian Tsezar Kunikov ship did not survive – Defence Intelligence

Ukrainian Navy explains why Türkiye prohibited ships gifted to Ukraine from entering Black Sea

Navy Commander describes what Moskva cruiser looked like: 7 floors, lifts, swimming pools and Russia's pride

Ukraine's Navy Commander says drones can't replace ships in war

Russians intensify security checks in Feodosiia after destruction of large landing ship

Satellite shows another sunken ship in Feodosiia – photo

2 Russian ships leave bay in Feodosiia, Crimea – photo

Ukrainian forces destroy Russian ship Novocherkassk in Crimea – Ukraine's Air Force

Nuclear-powered vessel on fire in Russia

Zelenskyy: Ukraine to receive warships to escort vessels in Black Sea grain corridor

Two more superyachts discovered in Putin's possession

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry reacts to hijacking of ship in Red Sea: Ukrainians may have been on board

Black Sea is no longer a foothold for Russia, they hide their warships – Zelenskyy

Media share footage from Liberian ship damaged in Russian attack

UK Intelligence analyses Russian strike on Liberian-flagged ship in Odesa