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Russia blocks appointment of Malta as OSCE chairman for next year

Ukrainian Foreign Minister suggests banishing Russia from OSCE to save Organisation

OSCE head arrives in Kyiv

OSCE Parliamentary Assembly calls Russia state sponsor of terrorism

Ukraine's Foreign Minister welcomes OSCE report on Russian deportation of Ukrainian children as overwhelming evidence

45 OSCE countries invocate investigation into abduction of Ukrainian children by Russia – Ukraine's Foreign Minister

Russia refuses to disclose information about its armed forces to OSCE

Ukraine will boycott OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Vienna due to Russia’s participation

Ukraine opposes Russian participation in OSCE meeting

Russia deported over 14,000 children from Ukraine – US Ambassador to OSCE

Russian Foreign Minister imagined OSCE helps aim strikes on Luhansk and Donetsk

Ukrainian delegation to boycott OSCE Assembly since they could not expel Russia

In Luhansk region, occupiers sentence OSCE employee to 13 years in prison

US diplomat: Russia has begun the formal process of annexing the Kherson region

SSU: Russian Federal Security Service conducted a special operation against OSCE officers to show them as spies

The OSCE Mission is evacuating all personnel from Ukraine

Alleviate people’s suffering and bring this crisis to an end

OSCE: DNR Leader Refusing to Discuss Threats against SMM

Representatives of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Donbas are making unsuccessful attempts to meet with the head of the so-called ‘DNR’ Alexander Zakharchenko to discuss violent threats by militants against the representatives of the mission.

Yeliseiev: Election in Donbas Not Possible Unless OSCE Police Mission Deployed

Kostiantyn Yeliseiev, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration, uttered that Ukraine insists on deploying an OSCE armed mission in Donbas to ensure safe elections there.