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Fleeing to EU: council member who helped Russian Federation with "referendum" detained in Kyiv

Zelenskyy: 1991 Referendum united all of Ukraine, we will never again be the plaything of empires

Security Service of Ukraine detains Russian mercenary who "beat out votes" from Kherson residents in "sham referendum"

Security Service of Ukraine identified initiators of Donetsk Oblast’s integration into Russia

UN General Assembly condemns Russia’s so-called referendums in occupied territories of Ukraine; Zelenskyy responds

Putin claims results of "referendums" surprised him

Russian occupiers use drones to locate conscription-age men in Luhansk Oblast

Where Russia held a "referendum", now there is Ukrainian flag – Zelenskyy

Ukrainians evicted from their homes for refusing to participate in Russia-organised sham referendums

The pseudo-referendum of the Russian Federation as a way to justify war crimes and war

Russia is an Empty Shell and Fake

"Head" of occupied Crimea hands Russian passport to collaborator Stremousov

As many people took part in sham referendum in Luhansk Oblast as were eligible to vote in 2012

Zelenskyy: “Nothing to discuss” with Putin if Russia annexes more Ukrainian territory

UN Security Council to hold meeting on sham referendums, with Zelenskyy speaking via video link

Who are the "international" observers at Russia’s sham referendums?

Russian occupying authorities publish first results of sham referendums at polling stations in Russia: 98% in favour

Just 20% of Mariupol residents take part in "referendum"

Invaders bring Russians in to "vote" in sham referendum in Mariupol 

Occupiers don’t let residents out of occupied Enerhodar

Security Service of Ukraine names main Kremlin puppets running sham referendums in Donbas

Russian occupiers in Mariupol have already calculated a 77% turnout for sham referendum

Putin knows negotiations will be impossible after sham referendums – Zelenskyy

Serbia won't recognise results of sham referendums on occupied territories of Ukraine

Occupiers are forming battalion comprised of Ukrainian POWs and make them vote

Ukraine requests urgent UN Security Council meeting on sham referendums

Ukraine names countries whose observers came to sham referendums

Security Service of Ukraine establishes identities of over 4,000 organisers of sham referendums

Occupiers use voters in sham referendums as human shields against Armed Forces of Ukraine

Occupied part of Zaporizhzhia Oblast to be "declared independent"