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UK intelligence reports on desertions in Russian army and soldiers refusing to take part in hostilities

Shortage of people in Russia willing to join army, despite salary and privileges – UK intelligence

Russia likely to cancel this year's ZAPAD exercises – UK Intelligence

Zaluzhnyi discusses Ukraine's strategy at meeting with NATO officials – The Guardian

Boris Johnson expresses his thoughts on negotiating with Russia given Prigozhin's likely murder

Prigozhin's death may have destabilising effect on Wagner – UK Defence Intelligence

British Mines Advisory Group to help Ukraine with clearing mines at energy facilities

UK to help Ukraine break its dependence on nuclear fuel from Russia

Soltsy airfield likely attacked from Russian territory – UK intelligence

United Kingdom does not recognise Russia's withdrawal from double taxation agreement

UK plans to provide Ukraine with more air defence assets

Group of Russian spies lived near military base in Britain

Russia starts producing its own Shahed drones – UK intelligence

Two Russian military aircraft intercepted near UK

Ukrainian army Commander-in-Chief meets with UK Defence Staff Chief and briefs him on situation on battlefield

Head of Presidential Office says Ukraine starts talks with UK on security guarantees

Zelenskyy reports on a productive conversation with UK military leadership

UK widens sanctions against Russia to limit its access to military equipment

UK intelligence explains why Putin wants to give heavy weapons to Russian National Guard

Offensives in the south of Ukraine are slowed by undergrowth – UK intelligence

Russia forms new units, but they are insufficient without increased mobilisation – UK intelligence

UK postpones Wagner Group blacklisting because of Prigozhin's mutiny and Putin's statements

UK Ministry of Defence believes Ukrainian counteroffensive goes according to plan

UK intelligence announces reinforcement of Russian troops in southern Ukraine with upgraded attack helicopters

Russia deploys corvette in Black Sea to intercept commercial vessels – UK Defence intelligence

UK Foreign Ministry afraid of Russian attacks on civilian ships in Black Sea

UK Intelligence explains why Russia is attacking Odesa and its ports after withdrawing from grain deal

UK intelligence explains why Russia conducts military training of children

First street renamed after Zelenskyy in UK

UK Defence Secretary says UK gave Ukraine 15 times more artillery shells than planned