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Family of man who designed Russian loitering munitions owns flat in central London

Russia refuses to recognize its fragility: rift in Russian army real, and Russia's losses atrocious – UK Defence Secretary

UK intelligence says Ukraine and Russia achieved minor advances on different fronts

We cannot allow war in Ukraine to last another 500 days – UK at UN

Branson calls on UK authorities to lift sanctions against Tinkov

UK condemns Russia's withdrawal from Black Sea Grain Agreement: Russians neglect needs of people worldwide

Russia lacks counter-battery weapons – UK Intelligence

18,000 Ukrainian infantrymen have completed training in UK

UK Defence Minister Wallace considers resigning – The Times

Wallace clarifies his statement on "Ukraine's gratitude" and receives hundreds of grateful comments

Ukraine's ambassador to UK explains his comment on Zelenskyy's "unhealthy sarcasm"

National Security and Defence Secretary reacted to Wallace's words about Amazon and lack of gratitude

You're not Amazon. And we are not a military training ground

UK Defence Secretary compares Russian Defence Minister and Chief of General Staff to famous comedian duo

Ukrainian tennis player Svitolina leaves Wimbledon

Ukraine's Ambassador to UK criticises Zelenskyy's words about thanking Wallace every morning

"Things got so loud": UK Ambassador shares impressions of Russian night attack on Kyiv and thanks Ukraine's air defence

We can thank the Defence Secretary personally when we wake up every morning – Zelenskyy on Ben Wallace's criticism

UK to give Ukraine new US$65 million military aid package

Ukraine's rightful place is in NATO – UK Prime Minister

Russian medical system unprepared for influx of wounded – UK Defence Intelligence

Spain and UK oppose provision of cluster munitions to Ukraine

UK donates 17 firefighting vehicles to Ukraine

UK intelligence explains why Russia needs separate Black Sea Fleet unit in Azov Sea

UK to sanction Iran for sending military aid to Russia

UK and Poland advocate Ukraine's accelerated accession to NATO

UK to start training Ukrainian pilots in August

UK assessed Russia's losses at 220,000 military personnel and over 6,200 armoured vehicles

British fighter jets intercept Russian aircraft near NATO borders

Two British peers attend Russian ambassador's party in London