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Shelling in Kyiv: one child killed, 4 people wounded

Saturday, 26 February 2022, 20:14
Shelling in Kyiv: one child killed, 4 people wounded

Due to the artillery shelling by the Russian invaders in Kyiv, Okhmatdyt Children's Hospital reported that one child was killed, two children and two other adults were injured.

Source: TSN special correspondent Natalia Nagorna

Details: One child got limb injuries, another one got minor limb injuries. 


In Kyiv, eyewitnesses report shelling of the city by multiple rocket launchers. In particular, traces of shells were seen near the Okhmatdyt hospital.


  • The air raids of the Russian invaders in the suburbs of Mariupol killed 4 people; one child is among 9 people who were wounded.
  • In Okhtyrka, Sumy Region, one child was seriously injured during shelling on 25 February. He died on 26 February because of these injuries.
  • On 25 February, Russian invaders shelled the orphanage in Vorzel near Kyiv, which housed 50 children.