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Defenders have encircled Irpin, Bucha and Hostomel, while a number of villages near Kyiv are occupied

Wednesday, 23 March 2022, 11:54
Defenders have encircled Irpin, Bucha and Hostomel, while a number of villages near Kyiv are occupied


The Armed Forces of Ukraine have taken the towns of Irpin and Bucha and the settlement of Hostomel near Kyiv, while at the same time Russian forces continue to constantly shell Makarov, Bucha, Irpin and Dmyrovka.

Source: Buchanska town council on Facebook


According to the Town Council: "The inhabitants of Makarivska, Buchanska, Irpin, and Dmyrovka remain under constant enemy fire, and in Dmitrovka there is movement by Russian forces and shelling in surrounding villages. Shpytki was shelled at night, resulting in a fire. Constant fighting is taking place on the Zhytomyr road.

Irpin, Bucha, and Hostomel have been encircled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine".

Details: It is reported that many villages are occupied, and are on the brink of a humanitarian disaster. The situation with food, medicines, hygiene products and baby food in Klavdievo-Tarasovoye, Severynivtsa, Berezivtsa and Mykolaiv is difficult.


In the Borodiansk area, the villages of Zagaltsy, Galinka, Kachaly, Staraya Buda, Mircha, and Talske are occupied by the invading forces. These villages are without communications. Russian invaders are breaking into houses, looking for food and alcohol, looting, shooting dogs, and slaughtering cattle for meat.

In the Nemishayevskaya area there is no power, gas or communications, and people need food, water and medicines. The inhabitants want to evacuate. The invading forces are entrenched in the area.

In the Peskov area, 4 houses have been destroyed as a result of aerial bombardment.

Peskov, Kotsyubyn, Bilhorod, Vyshneva and Borshchagivka are under the control of the local authorities.

Background: The National Police said on 23 March that it was resuming its work in Irpin.