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Lutsk missile strike: Head of Volyn region shares details

Monday, 28 March 2022, 09:06
Lutsk missile strike: Head of Volyn region shares details

Iryna Balachuk – Monday, 28 March 2022, 09:06

A Russian missile launched on Lutsk from Belarus on the evening of 27 March struck an oil depot on the outskirts of the city in northwestern Ukraine. One oil tank exploded, and the fire is still being extinguished.

Source: Yurii Pohuliaiko, Head of the Volyn Regional Military Administration, in an interview to the national joint news broadcast; State Emergency Service on Telegram


According to Pohuliaiko: "Yesterday at around 22:00, a missile strike was carried out on the oil depot on the outskirts of the city of Lutsk. So far, we know that the cruise missile was launched from Belarus. Emergency service responders have been working all night at the site of the incident, and are still working there now, as of 08:00.

According to preliminary information, there are no casualties. One tank exploded and is currently being extinguished."

Details: The Head of the Volyn Regional Military Administration said that he will not share the address or photographs of the incident while the firefighting operation continues in order to not endanger the lives of the firefighters.

He promised to share more information when emergency responders had finished extinguishing the fire.

Pohuliaiko added that, despite sharing the border with Belarus, which has granted its territory to Russian troops, the situation in the Volyn region is under control and the region’s border has not been breached.

He also said that 80% of businesses in the Volyn region have resumed their work and are trying to restart the region’s economy.

The region is receiving humanitarian supplies from Europe and is gathering aid for other regions of Ukraine which might require it.

The State Emergency Service later reported that emergency service personnel had deployed water and foam guns to put out the fire and had carried out a foam attack.

At 8:12 the fire was contained. Eradication is currently underway.


Late in the evening of 27 March, powerful explosions were heard in Lutsk, Kyiv, Rivne, Kharkiv, and Zhytomyr during air raids on these cities.