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595 children wounded and killed by Russian troops since 24 February

Saturday, 23 April 2022, 09:02
595 children wounded and killed by Russian troops since 24 February

Iryna Balachuk – Saturday, 23 April 2022, 09:02

As of the morning of 23 April, over 595 children have become victims of Russian military aggression in Ukraine. At least 208 children have been killed and 387 wounded.

Source: Office of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine on Telegram


According to the Office of the General Prosecutor: "The official number of children killed  has remained unchanged over the last two days: 208. The number of wounded children has risen to 387.

These numbers are provisional since work is underway to establish [the number of children who are victims of Russian aggression] at the sites of active hostilities, and in the temporarily occupied and [recently] liberated territories [of Ukraine]."

Details: According to Juvenile Court Prosecutors, most children were injured in Donetsk (120), Kyiv (113), Kharkiv (91), Chernihiv (66), Kherson (44), Mykolaiv (41), Luhansk (37), Zaporizhzhia (25), Sumy (17), and Zhytomyr (15) Regions and in the city of Kyiv (16).

On 20 April, a 5-year-old child was injured in Russian shelling of civilian infrastructure in the Polohy District of Zaporizhzhia Region.

As a result of daily bombings and shelling of Ukrainian towns and villages by Russian armed forces, 1,500 schools, kindergartens, and other educational establishment have been damaged, 102 of which have been completely destroyed.


Authorities estimated that as of 27 March, nearly 5,000 people had died in Mariupol, including about 210 children. It is currently impossible to count the exact number of victims there.