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Another mass grave found near Makariv in Kyiv Oblast

Tuesday, 17 May 2022, 06:52
Another mass grave found near Makariv in Kyiv Oblast

Olha Hlushchenko – Tuesday, 11 May 2022, 06:52

Ukrainian police have found the bodies of three civilians killed by the Russian occupation forces near Makariv, in the Bucha Raion (district) of Kyiv Oblast (region).

Source: Kyiv Oblast Police


Quote from Andrii Niebytov, Head of Kyiv Oblast Police: "Two people were shot in the head, one in the stomach.

Documents belonging to one of the civilians who had been killed were found at the grave site. He was a citizen of the Czech Republic. We have information about him.

The identities of the other two people have not yet been confirmed, but they were wearing plainclothes. We will investigate the circumstances of their death on the territory of Ukraine."


Details: The grave was found on the side of a ring road near Makariv, where there were Russian positions during the hostilities in Kyiv Oblast.

The bodies of the three men were found in a pit; one of them was a foreign citizen. All three of them were shot by the Russian occupation forces.

Russian troops set up a tripwire with an F-1 grenade near the grave site.

It has been confirmed that the citizen of the Czech Republic had previously worked as a haulier in Ukraine; with the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion, he returned to Ukraine to help as a volunteer. Communication with him was lost in March. He is survived by his wife and brother.

Ukrainian police have found another body of a local resident who had been shot by the Russian invaders near the village of Rakivka. He was a retired law enforcement agent.

During the Russian occupation, he left his house to get some firewood, and never returned. Russian soldiers undressed and shot him. He was buried in a field near the invaders’ positions.