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Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed 122 Russian invaders in the south

Tuesday, 3 May 2022, 02:51
Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed 122 Russian invaders in the south

Olha Hlushchenko - Tuesday, 3 May 2022, 01:04

Defenders of Ukraine’s southern borders report that 122 invaders were killed over the past 24 hours and thwarted an attempt by a Russian sabotage and reconnaissance group to seize a surveillance post belonging to the Ukrainian military.

Source: "Pivden" (South) Task Force, on Facebook


Quote: "The enemy, fortified at defensive positions, did not conduct any active actions in Kherson and Mykolaiv regions over the past 24 hours."

"However, Mykolaiv and the vicinity have been under fire from multiple rocket launchers. The enemy once again fired on industrial facilities. Fortunately, no casualties have been reported."

"In the Kherson region, an attempt by an enemy sabotage and reconnaissance group to seize our observation post was thwarted and crushed by mortar fire."


"Instead, our missile and artillery units performed over a hundred fire tasks."

"Hence, the total enemy losses over the past 24 hours stand at 122 Ruscists."

Details: The "Pivden" Task Force reports that in addition to two armoured assault boats, which had been shot down at dawn, military personnel also eliminated several units of armoured and automotive machinery, as well as a "Forpost" reconnaissance strike drone trying to enter Odesa from the sea.

"The drone was destroyed by the precise operation of Air Defence," the statement said.

Having struck the Odesa region with missiles twice today, the aggressors continued to destroy the bridge across the Dnister estuary, hitting it with "Yakhont" (P-800 Oniks) cruise missiles.

An "Oniks" missile launched from the "Bastion" complex in occupied Crimea destroyed a residential apartment building in Odesa. A 15-year-old child was killed and another minor was hospitalised with injuries.

The invaders’ naval group of the Black Sea Fleet continues to manoeuvre in the northwestern part of the sea and maintains the threat of missile strikes at a high level.

"The extended curfew in Odesa continues. Thanks to the measures taken, including effective counter-sabotage work, the 8th anniversary of the tragic events of 2 May 2014 passed without provocation or gross violations of public order," the "Pivden" Task Force reports.