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In occupied part of Kherson Oblast, school year begins with "brainwashing" Oblast Military Administration

Thursday, 1 September 2022, 19:40


The Kherson Oblast Military Administration reports that on 1 September, which marks the start of school year in Ukraine, Russian occupiers began to inculcate Ukrainian schoolchildren with their vision of history.

Source: Kherson Oblast State Administration on Facebook


Quote: "The occupiers began educating [children] in [Russian-]occupied schools in Kherson Oblast. Witnesses report that children were subject to brainwashing material that consisted of  Russian propaganda and fake history from the very first lesson.

Not many [children] are willing to study according to the Russian curriculum. Personnel from the Russian National Guard are providing the schools’ reinforced security."

Details: The administration stressed that there has been no mobile service from Ukrainian operators in Kherson Oblast for the past three months. 

Ukrainian TV channels or radio stations have not been working, either. Instead, the Russian occupiers have been broadcasting Russian propaganda channels.

The Internet works in certain places, but it is slow and suffers from constant interruptions. It is impossible to access Ukrainian services without a VPN.

Russian occupiers have promised in their propagandist media that anyone who provides information concerning "suspicious persons" (that is, civil activists, participants in the Anti-Terrorist Operation and the Joint Forces Operation and people with pro-Ukrainian stance) will receive financial remuneration.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian resistance to the Russian occupation is getting stronger.

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