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Lend-Lease model yet to be established by Ukraine’s partners – Defence Minister

Saturday, 10 September 2022, 12:44
Lend-Lease model yet to be established by Ukraine’s partners – Defence Minister


As of early September, the final concept and details of Lend-Lease are still unknown. The specifics of what this aid programme will be like are still being discussed, says Oleksii Reznikov, the Minister of Defence of Ukraine.

Source: Reznikov in an interview for RBC-Ukraine news agency


Quote: "I’m probably going to disappoint you by saying this, but the final understanding of what Lend-Lease will look like is yet to be formed because our partners have not yet finalised the model for the programme. The decision in principle has been made that there will be Lend-Lease, and Ukraine will be able to buy whatever it needs to win this war, and the budget has been determined. But the nuances and details of what this Lend-Lease will be like are still being discussed."

Details: Reznikov added that "there have been various models" of Lend-Lease. In one case, it was going to be an ordinary loan like the one given to the USSR and Great Britain during World War II, and "it had curious conditions".

However, Reznikov predicted that a different model will be designed for Ukraine, but added that he was not ready to disclose the details.

Quote: "Whatever I say now may turn out to be totally different in the final version. It is important to mention that the model will most likely be designed by ministers of finance, not ministers of defence, as these are financial relations. My goal is to consult with the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and understand their needs [when they] say they need these particular UAVs or missiles."

Details: He added that Lend-Lease is not yet up and running, so Ukraine is currently receiving aid under four US programmes. 


  • On 9 May, US President Joe Biden signed the Lend-Lease Act for Ukraine, creating an opportunity for the rapid delivery of all types of weapons to Ukraine.
  • In June, Oleksii Danilov, the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council, reminded Ukrainians that Lend-Lease is not yet up and running; it may start between July and September.

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