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Occupiers say they have left Izium and other settlements, while Ukrainian troops show a video: We are in Izium

Saturday, 10 September 2022, 15:16
Occupiers say they have left Izium and other settlements, while Ukrainian troops show a video: We are in Izium


Russian forces have withdrawn from the city of Izium and several other settlements in Kharkiv Oblast.

Source: Daniil Bezsonov, the so-called "first deputy minister of information of the Donetsk People’s Republic", on Telegram; Russian media outlet RBC; the 25th Sicheslav Separate Airborne Brigade on Facebook


Quote: "Yes, we have withdrawn from Izium, as well as from some other settlements on the Kharkiv front. Of course that’s bad. Of course it is the result of mistakes made by the high command. But you shouldn’t look for any hidden meanings. There is no conspiracy or betrayal behind this. We are just fighting as best we can. On all levels. On some fronts we do better, on others worse.

The most important thing is to admit our mistakes and draw the right conclusions."

Details: RBC reported that the withdrawal from Izium was also confirmed by war correspondents Alexander Kots and Evgenii Poddubnyi. The latter believes that the command made the right decision "in the current circumstances". He says that "the encirclement of the Russian group in Izium would have been a disaster".

Kots added that the occupiers had also withdrawn from Balakliia and Kupiansk. 

Later, the 25th Sicheslav Separate Airborne Brigade posted a video of the Ukrainian defence forces in Izium.

Quote: "Paratroopers are continuing to confidently advance and liberate the Kharkiv region from the Ruscists! We won’t stop! The velvet season [early autumn] has turned out to be extremely hot for the Russian bastards. Burn in hell, occupiers! Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! We will win!"

Meanwhile, in the official daily briefing, the representative of Russia’s Ministry of Defence made no mention at all of the occupiers having been driven out of Balakliia and Izium.

Previously: On 9 September, Russian media reported that the Russian occupiers had announced an "evacuation" from the occupied territories of Kharkiv Oblast after the Armed Forces of Ukraine started the counteroffensive and liberated some settlements. It was stated that the "evacuation" was being conducted in Kharkiv Oblast from Izium, Kupiansk and Velykyi Burluk.


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