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Occupying authorities announce "evacuation" from Izium and Kupiansk

Friday, 9 September 2022, 16:53
Occupying authorities announce evacuation from Izium and Kupiansk


The Russian invaders announced the evacuation from the territory of Kharkiv Oblast after Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a counteroffensive and liberated some of the settlements.

Source: Russian-aligned news outlets TASS and RIA Novosti, citing Maksim Gubin, the Russian-appointed head of the Kupiansk District of Kharkiv Oblast


Quote from the collaborator Gubin: "We are trying to concentrate all our efforts on evacuating the local population for at least 3-4 days, until the situation is stabilised.

We are organising evacuation cars and buses. People are being taken to the "Luhansk People’s Republic" to Svatove and to Logachevka [a village in the Valuyki district of Belgorod Oblast - ed.] in Russia. People are being placed in temporary accommodation points."

Details: According to TASS, "evacuation" is underway from Izium, Kupiansk and Velykyi Burluk in Kharkiv Oblast.

RIA Novosti reports that "women and children from Kharkiv Oblast" will be accepted "in the sanatoriums of Krasnodar Krai".

Russian news outlets note that "the situation in the Kupiansk district of Kharkiv Oblast remains difficult," but the Russian military allegedly "holds the city."

Gubin added that Ukrainian forces are conducting active combat operations in the Shevchenkivskyi district; according to him, that is currently the location of the  front line.


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