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Russia may get a new type of drone from Iran

Monday, 24 October 2022, 22:36
Russia may get a new type of drone from Iran


The Air Force of Ukraine expects that the Russian Federation will receive a new type of kamikaze drone from Iran "Meraj - 521".

Source: Yurii Ihnat (Air Force Spokesman) during broadcast on YouTube channel Fabryka Novyn (News Factory)


Quote from Ignat: "There is a risk. There's no doubt, they'll get them [kamikaze drones]. The only question is how many drones or ballistic missiles Iran has that they are willing to give to Moscow."

Details: According to Ignat, these drones will not mark any kind of a turning point, but they will systematically, gradually create problems for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And they need to be destroyed.

According to the Air Force spokesman, in addition to expressing concern, the Western world needs to give Ukraine weapons and air defence systems so that Ukraine can effectively shoot down these enemy air targets.

Previously: A new small-sized kamikaze drone Meraj-521 was unveiled in Iran. Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps demonstrated barrage ammunition during exercises.

The Ukrainian military blog "Militarnyi" reported that Meraj-521 has a range of five kilometres, and can carry three types of warheads weighing from 500 to 1,000 grams.

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