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Israel launches missile attack on facilities in Iran

US military destroys over 80 drones used by Iran to attack Israel

UN Secretary-General on Middle East developments: Time to step back from the brink

Israel can't decide on response to Iran's attack after several hours of discussions

Biden talked Israeli PM out of retaliatory strike on Iran – media

UK confirms it helped Israel down Iranian drones

Zelenskyy urges US to "make decisions to strengthen America's allies"

Attack against Israel carries risk of unprecedented escalation – Ukraine's Foreign Ministry

Iran threatens Israel with a stronger strike if it responds to latest attack

Iran attacks Israel with over 300 air targets, 99% of them shot down

Iran launches 150 missiles on Israel – ABC

Iran launches over 200 missiles and drones on Israel, majority downed, media says

Iran launches drones on Israel, which has imposed restrictions and closed airspace

US imposes sanctions on company for transporting Iranian-made weapons to Russia

Biden calls on Xi to influence Russia and Iran over wars in Ukraine and Middle East

Iran warned Russia of terror threat before Crocus City Hall attack, Reuters reports

EU warns Iran against transferring ballistic missiles to Russia

Kremlin continues to form coalition of states to oppose West – ISW

China, Iran, North Korea, Uzbekistan and Venezuela congratulate Putin on election "victory" – photo

G7 warns Iran against supplying Russia with ballistic missiles

Russia, Iran and China to hold joint military exercises in Indian Ocean

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence does not confirm transfer of Iranian ballistic missiles to Russia

Iran denies supplying ballistic missiles to Russia

US announces new sanctions, has no confirmation that Iranian ballistic missiles have moved to Russia

Air Force has no information on Iran sending hundreds of ballistic missiles to Russia

Russia received about 400 ballistic missiles from Iran – Reuters

Ukraine reiterates calls for FATF to blacklist Russia amid strengthening ties with North Korea and Iran

Hackers find out worth of Iranian drones sold to Russia

Kremlin doubles its support for Iran – ISW

US conducted airstrikes on pro-Iranian targets in Iraq and Syria