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As electricity is switched off in nine regions of Ukraine, Zelenskyy says Russia will continue energy terror

Tuesday, 1 November 2022, 22:14
As electricity is switched off in nine regions of Ukraine, Zelenskyy says Russia will continue energy terror

Ukraine has already restored the technical capability of water supply and electricity supply, but stabilisation power outages continue in nine regions, and Russia will not stop trying to destroy normal life.

Source: President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his evening video address on 1 November 

Quote: "As of now, we can report that the technical possibility of water supply has already been restored for all consumers in Ukraine. For most, there is also the technical possibility of supplying electricity. 


Stabilisation shutdowns continue in nine regions of Ukraine. Power engineers and local authorities are doing everything possible to reduce the time of the blackouts."

Details: The president reminded listeners that repair work is also constantly ongoing in the territories that have been liberated from the invaders in Kharkiv Oblast, Donbas, and the south of Ukraine. 

In Kharkiv Oblast, more than 20,000 consumers in the liberated areas have already been reconnected to the gas supply. In Vovchansk, Balakliia and other cities, heat supply systems are being restored.


Quote: "We will do all we can to give people electricity and heat this winter. But we must understand that Russia will do all they can to destroy the normality of life. They do not care about the cost of energy terror."


  • Since 10 October, Russia has carried out a number of massive attacks on energy facilities in Ukraine, particularly in Kyiv Oblast.  
  • On 1 November, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said that Ukraine has and will continue to have sufficient resources to repair the infrastructure. Nevertheless, he encouraged Ukrainians to prepare for a difficult winter ahead and make sure they have stocked up on everything they might need.
  • Vitalii Klychko, the Mayor of Kyiv, said that in case of emergencies in winter about 1000 heating points will be deployed in the capital for city residents.
  •  Oleksii Kuleba, Head of the Kyiv Oblast Military Administration, did not rule out total power and heating outages if there are further Russian strikes on energy infrastructure. 

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