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Lavrov goes to Belarus to discuss counteracting the West

Thursday, 12 January 2023, 20:16


Sergei Lavrov, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, will come to Minsk on 19 January to participate in an annual joint meeting of the foreign affairs ministries of Belarus and Russia.

Source: Maria Zaharova, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia; European Pravda, referring to BELTA


Zaharova states that the main point of the meeting will be the implementation of the joint foreign policy programme of Minsk and Moscow as "states parties to the Treaty on the Creation of the Union State" for 2022-2023. 

Quote from Zakharova: "An issue of cooperation in the foreign policy planning sector will also be on the agenda, as well as coordination of actions concerning the EU, NATO, and the European Council, as well as joint work in the OSCE, interactions on multilateral forums in the sector of armament control and the counteraction against the Western tendency towards politicising international economic and human rights organisations."

Zakharova claims that following the meeting,  the meeting will be followed by the signing of a resolution and a plan of inter-institutional consultations for 2023. 


Background: Lavrov’s latest visit to Belarus was on 19 December, on the same date as that of Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia. He and Alexander Lukashenko, the self-proclaimed President of Belarus, agreed to continue joint military training and arms production.

Russia and Belarus are planning joint aircraft unit training, which will take place in the territory of Belarus. The training is set to start on 16 January and last until 1 February, with the involvement of Russian and Belarusian military forces from the regional group of troops.

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