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Serbian Foreign Minister arrives in Moscow and meets with his Russian counterpart

Slovak foreign minister shakes hands with his Russian counterpart, Slovak PM hails meeting – photo

Russian foreign minister calls Ukrainian Peace Formula an ultimatum

Russia's Foreign Minister claims Russia is loved, but West has turned its back on it

At G20 meeting with Lavrov, Baerbock calls on Russia to end war

Russia's Foreign Minister fears Ukraine will receive long-range weapons that will reach "Russia's heart"

"Diplomatic solution" to Ukraine war involves Russia keeping occupied territories, says Foreign Minister Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister avoided flying over unfriendly countries on his way to New York

Russia's foreign minister accuses the West of nuclear weapon intimidation

OSCE chairman-in-office: Discussions on Russia's exclusion exhausted for now

Lavrov slams journalist in Skopje and once again suggests OSCE collapse

Russia sees no reason to change its goals of war against Ukraine – Russian Foreign Minister

Russia's foreign minister does not rule out blocking OSCE personnel decisions

Ministers from half of NATO countries ignore OSCE meeting due to Lavrov's presence

Russian Foreign Minister argues OSCE is no longer needed

Hungarian and Russian foreign ministers meet at OSCE meeting and discuss Ukraine

Ukrainian delegation at OSCE objects during Russian foreign minister's speech

EU diplomacy chief ignores OSCE meeting with Russian Foreign Minister

US Secretary of State leaves OSCE meeting before Russian Foreign Minister arrived

Russian Foreign Minister flies to OSCE meeting via different route – Bulgaria refused to let spokeswoman Zakharova through

EU diplomacy chief explains "benefits" of Lavrov's attendance at OSCE meeting: he will hear criticism in person

Poland joins boycott of OSCE meeting over Russian foreign minister's attendance

US Secretary of State to attend OSCE ministerial meeting featuring Russian Foreign Minister

Bulgaria explains decision to open skies to plane of Russian Foreign Minister

Russian foreign minister to fly over Bulgaria to OSCE meeting

EU will not object if North Macedonia allows Russian foreign minister's plane into its airspace – European Commission representative

Russia wants culture to be "beyond politics" while waging war

Russian Foreign Minister recommends that Russians visit North Korea

Lavrov calls North Koreans "fraternal people"

Putin wants to visit North Korea: Lavrov arrives to "build bridges"