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Russians find "guilty" scapegoats for their failure in Makiivka

Tuesday, 17 January 2023, 14:03
Russians find guilty scapegoats for their failure in Makiivka

Russian occupiers have decided to "punish" the so-called deputy head of Makiivka district police department and seven other "people's policemen" because of a successful strike by Ukrainian defenders on a cluster of Russian conscripted soldiers in temporarily occupied Makiivka in Donetsk Oblast.

Source:Ukraine's Chief Intelligence Directorate

Quote: "The leadership of the so-called 'Ministry of Internal Affairs of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic' has held a staff meeting to discuss the aftermath of the Ukrainian artillery strike on the cluster of Russian conscripted soldiers in temporarily occupied Makiivka.


It was decided to punish those "guilty" for the incident and make an example of them. 

The deputy head of Makiivka police station and seven other ‘people's policemen’ served as the scapegoats."

Details: The occupiers have already been arrested and accused of a "negligent attitude to duty".

Ukrainian intelligence reports that the accused will not be held in custody for a long time, but will be sent "to perform tasks" at checkpoints near Opytne and Maiorsk [Donetsk Oblast].

Defence Intelligence also reported that the territory of the so-called "DPR" [the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic] is receiving a massive influx of personnel who are not planned to be deployed in combat operations.

These units are allocated to "temporary deployment points". Most often, they are stationed in large private houses, premises of industrial facilities and institutions: "The main task of the newcomers is to strengthen the counterintelligence regime".

Defence Intelligence noted that the greatest attention is paid to the locations of the infamous Kadyrovite units [Chechen militants under the control of the National Guard of the Russian Federation, known for their atrocities in the occupied territories and terrible attitude towards the regular army of the Russian Federation – ed.], for which the level of trust on the part of the military command of the Russian Federation is sharply decreasing.

About 400 mobilised Russians were killed and about 300 more invaders sustained injuries of varying degrees of severity on New Year's Eve due to a high-precision strike on Makiivka by Ukraine’s Armed Forces. The Russian soldiers were stationed in the building of local vocational school No. 19.

Russian terrorist and former so-called "Defence Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic" Igor Girkin (Strelkov) confirmed the mass killing of Russian servicemen in occupied Makiivka.

The Russian Defence Ministry said that the number of those killed in the attack on a base of Russian servicemen in the city of Makiivka had increased to 89.

According to the Russian ministry, the cause of the mass death of the military was the use of mobile phones by the personnel.

Aleksey Vdovin, a military enlistment officer from Russia’s Samara Oblast, said that the lists of mobilised Russians killed in Makiivka will not be published.

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