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Over 20,000 applications submitted to Ukraine's Offensive Guard

Saturday, 11 February 2023, 19:05
Over 20,000 applications submitted to Ukraine's Offensive Guard

Over 20,000 people want to join the ranks of the Offensive Guard assault brigades [Hvardiia nastupu, a project of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine that aims to form new assault brigades – ed.].

Source: Ruslan Muzychuk, Spokesman of the National Guard, on the 24/7 national joint newscast, Ukrinform reports

Quote: "In general, there are over 20,000 applications. We have three main sources from which applications are received. We receive the largest number through the online questionnaire on Over 14,000 applications have been received through this channel, and more than 7,500 of them are applications to enter the units of the National Guard specifically. Administrative services centres and hotlines are also operating, and also [applications are accepted – ed.] through the territorial centres for recruitment."


Details: According to Muzychuk, the next stage is the processing of applications. The selected candidates must collect the necessary documents, undergo psychological testing, and a medical examination after that.

"All these selection stages are necessary because we are forming assault brigades. Candidates with high motivation must get there, they must also meet other requirements to form such units," the spokesman of the National Guard emphasised.


  • On 2 February, Ihor Klymenko, Acting Minister of Internal Affairs, said that the Interior Ministry has begun forming eight assault brigades known as Offensive Guard to strengthen the Defence Forces and liberate the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.
  • On 3 February, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reported that a recruitment campaign had started quite actively.
  • All military personnel who will become stormtroopers in the Offensive Guard are promised a list of social guarantees, including the opportunity to receive housing and treatment, as well as a higher education.

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