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Air-raid warning in force throughout Ukraine for 1 hour

Monday, 27 February 2023, 08:27
Air-raid warning in force throughout Ukraine for 1 hour

An air-raid warning was issued throughout Ukraine on the morning of 27 February, remaining in force for one hour.

Source: Air-raid warning map

Details: Sirens began to sound in the capital and central oblasts at 08:25.


Then, in just a minute, the warning spread to the entire country.

The sound of sirens signifies the threat of missile and airstrikes. It is essential to go to a shelter at the time the sirens sound. 

Updated: At 09:23, the all-clear began to be issued. First, the sirens stopped sounding in Kyiv and Vinnytsia Oblast. In a few minutes, the all-clear was given throughout Ukraine.



  • Air-raid warnings were issued in Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast, as well as in a number of other oblasts, on the evening of Sunday, 26 February.
  • Air defence forces shot down three Shahed kamikaze drones in the skies over Chernihiv Oblast.
  • Explosions rocked the city of Khmelnytskyi while the air-raid warning was in place; one person has been killed and four more have been wounded
  • The Russians carried out two strikes on a civilian, non-residential infrastructure facility in Zaporizhzhia.
  • The Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down 11 Shahed drones overnight; the Russians used a total of 14 drones to carry out the attacks.

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