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Air-raid warning issued on TV and radio in Russia and Crimea: authorities claim hacking

Tuesday, 28 February 2023, 09:30
Air-raid warning issued on TV and radio in Russia and Crimea: authorities claim hacking

The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations has stated that air-raid warnings that have been broadcast on TV and radio in a number of Russian oblasts and in annexed Crimea were the result of hacked servers.   

Source: Press service of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations; CrimeaInform; Novaya Gazeta. Europe

Quote: "An air-raid warning was broadcast in a number of country’s oblasts as a result of the hacking of the servers of radio stations and TV channels. The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations reports that this information is false and does not correspond to reality."



Details: In the morning, Oleg Kryuchkov, advisor to the illegitimate head of annexed Crimea, reported that on-air broadcasts by More (Sea) radio, which is part of the Krym (Crimea) TV and Radio Company holding company, had been hacked. 

"Another hacker attack was carried out on More radio on-air broadcasts. The transmitters that receive the signal from the satellite have been disrupted," he said.

Kryuchkov added that the transponder of a satellite operator outside Crimea had been hacked.

In addition, the Belgorod Oblast’s operational headquarters reported that "broadcasting by several radio stations was hacked this morning, presumably by a neighbouring state."

The radio report said that an air-raid warning had been issued in Belgorod and that citizens were asked to go to shelters. "The purpose of the message is to sow panic among civilians in Belgorod," the headquarters said.

Background: On the eve of the anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, hackers broadcasted "threats" from Chief of Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence Kyrylo Budanov on Russian propagandist radio stations in occupied Crimea.

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