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Number of injured due to missile attack in Kramatorsk rises to nine people, 25 buildings damaged

Tuesday, 14 March 2023, 16:51
Number of injured due to missile attack in Kramatorsk rises to nine people, 25 buildings damaged
One of the destroyed houses in Kramatorsk, photo from the Facebook page of Mayor Oleksandr Honcharenko

Nine people were injured as a result of the morning missile attack on Kramatorsk on 14 March.

Source: Oleksandr Honcharenko, Head of the Kramatorsk City Military Administration, in a commentary to Suspilne

Quote: "One woman is moderately injured. All the others have minor injuries. Two people are receiving medical assistance in the hospital, five residents are receiving ambulatory treatment, [and] two refused hospitalisation."


Details: According to Honcharenko, the walls of the second entrance of the three-story multi-apartment entrance are damaged; at first glance, they can be repaired.

There are 24 apartments in the building.

Quote: "At the time of the attack, residents lived in seven out of 24 apartments. We are communicating with the residents of these apartments. At first, the residents of two apartments wanted to live in communal housing — those are dormitories, apartments, schools, but so far they have all refused. Some will join their relatives in the village, others want to leave altogether."

Details: As a result of the attack, 25 3-floor and 5-floor buildings were damaged: most of the windows are broken, roofs damaged.

Utility workers are helping to eliminate the consequences of the attack, in particular, the windows of the damaged apartments are boarded up with OSB-plates on the first floor, and with film on the second floor.

Honcharenko noted that after each attack, employees of the civil defence department and the housing and communal services department go to the place and register the destruction of housing within one or two days.

"Then, all these documents with statements from the house's owner are submitted to the labour and social welfare department. Every month, we hold a meeting where it is decided how much money should be compensated for the destroyed housing," said the Head of the Kramatorsk community.

Oleksandr Honcharenko noted that residents can receive from UAH 2,000 to 50,000 [US$68 to 1,360] from the local budget for a destroyed home, depending on the degree of destruction.

Earlier: Russian invaders launched a missile attack on the centre of Kramatorsk, Donetsk Oblast, on the morning of 14 March, killing one person and injuring seven.

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