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Russia threatens US with "unique weapon" capable of destroying it

Monday, 27 March 2023, 14:21
Russia threatens US with unique weapon capable of destroying it

The Security Council of Russia claimed that Russia has a unique weapon capable of destroying even the US.

Source: Russian Kremlin-aligned media outlets RIA Novosti and TASS with reference to Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of Security Council

Quote from Patrushev: "Russia has a unique weapon, which is capable of destroying any opponent, mainly the US, in case there is a threat to Russia’s existence."


Details: He also added that "American politicians’ certainty that Russia will not be able to respond to a preventive strike by the US is a short-sighted and dangerous foolishness."

Patrushev stated that after the collapse of the USSR, Russia allegedly "corrected its mistakes" and now "can facilitate both internal stability and protection from external dangers."

He also claimed that the US is trying to "suppress" Russia, and then will allegedly move on to China.


He traditionally repeated that "the West has seriously miscalculated, counting on the collapse of the Russian economy and protest of the population against sanctions", and that Russia allegedly "remains calm" under the sanctions pressure.


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