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Explosions rock locomotive depot in occupied Melitopol, city cut off grid

Wednesday, 29 March 2023, 08:08
Explosions rock locomotive depot in occupied Melitopol, city cut off grid

Sounds of explosions were heard on the morning of Wednesday, 29 March, in all districts of the temporarily occupied city of Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

Source: Ivan Fedorov, Mayor of Melitopol; Volodymyr Rohov, a collaborator and Russian proxy "member of the main council of the civil and military administration", on Telegram

Quote: "Melitopol – it’s loud! Several explosions at once are heard in all districts of the city.


The occupiers are fussing. We’re waiting for the details from the General Staff."

Update: Later, Fedorov reported "thick cotton (explosion) fog in the area of the locomotive depot substation." [Russian propaganda, initially refusing to use the word ‘vzryv’ (explosion), used ‘khlopok’ (a bang) instead. However, ‘khlopok’ also means ‘cotton’, and this has since become a meme – ed.]

He added that the power went out in the northern and western districts of the city, as well as in Semenivka, Tambovka and some other surrounding villages.


Later, the Russian occupiers confirmed the information about the explosions.

As collaborator Rohov says, a series of explosions occurred around 5:30 in Melitopol; hits have been reported.

Quote from Rohov: "There were hits to the facilities of the Melitopol locomotive depot. The attack damaged the city's power supply facilities. Electricity supply was cut off in Melitopol and some nearby villages."

Details: The collaborator noted that, according to preliminary data, no casualties were reported.

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