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Parades being cancelled across Russia due to lack of tanks – Atlantic Council

Friday, 14 April 2023, 17:51
Parades being cancelled across Russia due to lack of tanks – Atlantic Council

The cancellation of military parades that are supposed to be carried out in some regions of Russia and in Russia-occupied Crimea can be connected with losses of military equipment, particularly tanks, in the war in Ukraine.

Source: the Atlantic Council media outlet

Quote: "The cancellations are officially due to security concerns related to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, numerous commentators have speculated that Moscow is also increasingly short of tanks and is understandably eager to avoid highlighting the scale of the losses suffered by the Russian army in Ukraine."


Details: The decision to cancel this year’s Victory Day parade represents a painful blow for Vladimir Putin that hints at the "grim reality" behind "Moscow’s upbeat propaganda portrayals" of his faltering Ukraine invasion.

The experts stress that the traditional 9 May parade will likely be held in Moscow. "However, Putin will likely have little to celebrate. In recent months, his invasion has met with a series of setbacks on both the military and diplomatic fronts that leave the prospect of victory more distant than ever," Atlantic Council states.


  • Earlier, the governors of Belgorod and Kursk oblasts in Russia cancelled military parades on 9 May "to avoid provoking the opponent" with the concentration of troops and military equipment.
  • Another Kremlin accomplice, the so-called head of Crimea, Sergey Aksionov, reported that no demonstration on 1 May and no parade on 9 May will be held in the Russia-occupied peninsula of Crimea this year.
  • Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russia has lost 3,650 tanks in Ukraine.

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