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Kremlin has problems with "military manpower" but fears new wave of mobilisation

Wednesday, 5 April 2023, 15:02
Kremlin has problems with military manpower but fears new wave of mobilisation

The Kremlin has a problem generating "military manpower," however, it also fears a new wave of mobilisation in Russia due to the current mood of the population.

Source: CNN, citing Western officials

Quote: "[Russia has – ed.] acknowledged that they needed 400,000 more troops and that's not just for the conflict [in Ukraine – ed.], but also to fulfil new formations, which are going to be put on the new border with NATO and Finland.

How they generate that is unclear at the moment."


Details: According to CNN sources, Russia has problems with the formation of a "trained military force". The aggressor is not making efforts to launch the second wave of mobilisation and has difficulties in training people.

Quote: "Whether the population can sustain another round of mobilisation and whether the Kremlin actually wants to test the population's resilience to that it is unclear at the moment, but the fact they haven't done [they did not start the second wave of mobilisation – ed.] would indicate to us that they have some concerns about that."


  • In late March, the Kremlin once again assured fellow Russians that it was not planning a second wave of mobilisation, as there were allegedly enough volunteers who had been drafted earlier.
  • On 13 September last year, Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov also stated that there would be no mobilisation in Russia. However, it actually began on 21 September.
  • According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, at least 300,000 people joined the ranks of the Russian Armed Forces during the "first wave."
  • In late October, Putin announced that "partial mobilisation" was over. However, according to the General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, Russia continues to draft people in a covert mode, despite official statements about the draft being over.

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