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Ukraine has right to defend itself beyond its borders – UK Foreign Secretary

Tuesday, 30 May 2023, 18:12

UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly has said that Ukraine has a "legitimate right" to defend itself and can "project force" beyond its borders.

Source: James Cleverly during a press conference in Estonia, as reported by Sky News

Details: When asked about this morning’s drone attack in  Moscow and whether Ukraine has the right to attack Russian territory, Cleverly said he would not speculate about the nature of the attack.


He said, however, that Kyiv has a "legitimate right to defend itself".

"It has the legitimate right to do so within its own borders of course, but it does also have the right to project force beyond its borders to undermine Russia's ability to project force into Ukraine itself," Cleverly added.

The UK Foreign Secretary said striking "legitimate military targets" beyond Ukraine's border is part of the country’s self-defence.

"We should recognise that," he stressed.

Background: According to various reports, 25 to 32 drones attacked Moscow on the night of 29–30 May, damaging at least two multi-storey residential buildings. Most of the drones were reportedly shot down on approach to the Russian capital.

According to a list of drone crash sites in Moscow Oblast, one of the drones was allegedly shot down near the residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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