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Number of victims after Russian aerial attack on Kyiv Oblast rises to 7, 4-year old child injured

Friday, 16 June 2023, 17:15

The number of victims due to the fall of missile debris in Kyiv Oblast increased to seven, including two children.

Source: Andrii Niebytov, Head of the National Police in Kyiv Oblast, on air during the joint national 24/7 newscast, reports Interfax-Ukraine

Quote: "As of now, unfortunately, the number of victims of this terrorist missile strike has increased. Now I can say that seven people have been seeking medical attention. I want to reassure you right away that their injuries are quite minor; there are no critical or even severe ones, but I want to note that there are two children among the victims. The youngest is 4 years old and the boy is 13 years old. "


Details: Niebytov also said that the police recorded the complete destruction of three private houses, 15 houses suffered serious damage, and minor damage was inflicted on 15 houses.

He suggested that the number of victims of the strike by the Russian Federation will increase because there is a suburban area nearby.

Background: People were injured and private homes were damaged in Kyiv Oblast as a result of a Russian missile strike on 16 June. Earlier, it was reported that six people were injured because of the attack


The Kyiv City Administration reported that during the attack on Kyiv, six Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, six Kalibr cruise missiles and two reconnaissance UAVs were successfully destroyed in the airspace around the capital.

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