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Russian hackers leaked confidential data on NATO summit preparations

Wednesday, 12 July 2023, 22:42
Russian hackers leaked confidential data on NATO summit preparations

The Russian-affiliated hacker group From Russia with Love has published confidential information about preparations for the North Atlantic Alliance summit in Vilnius on the evening of 12 July.

Source: European Pravda, referring to the Lithuanian portal 15min

Details: On the evening of 12 July, hackers reportedly claimed to have gained access to classified data on the organisation of the NATO summit in Vilnius.


In particular, 29 files were leaked. They contain various pieces of information about the security of NATO leaders, including various slides, presentations, protocols, software, and the names of military personnel.

In particular, the leaked documents state that:

  • 30 institutions and 346 "assets" located in Lithuania were checked during the preparation of the summit. Of these, 23% were found to be in the "risk zone" with an unacceptable level of threat,
  • the security was monitored by a sniper group of the Lithuanian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the personal data of 17 employees of which were allegedly contained in the documents,
  • the names of those responsible for intelligence sharing with NATO intelligence services in Lithuania and for modelling possible threats to the security of the summit participants were merged.
  • The alleged routes of NATO delegations in Vilnius were published, including specific routes and streets that the convoys allegedly used.

Pro-Russian Telegram channels claim that the data leak occurred in Ukraine.


Lithuanian State Security Department spokesperson Aurelija Vernickaitė confirmed the hacker attack in a comment to 15min. According to her, the situation is known, and the incident is being investigated in cooperation with the relevant authorities.


  • On the eve of the NATO summit in Lithuania on 11-12 July, two cyberattacks were also recorded, due to which disinformation was broadcast on a regional radio station and in a shopping centre after a music streaming service was hacked.

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