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Security guarantees for Ukraine are yet to be agreed – White House

Friday, 7 July 2023, 20:13

The United States, along with other allies and partners, continues to hold discussions about security guarantees for Ukraine prior to its accession to NATO, but the content of these discussions will not be disclosed.

Source: Amanda Sloat, senior director for Europe at the White House National Security Council, stated this at a press briefing on Friday, the correspondent of European Pravda reports.

Details: The White House spokeswoman confirmed that the US is "continuing to have talks with Ukraine, along with other allies and partners, on how we can best reassure Ukraine about their long-term security to deter any future aggression after this war ends."


Quote: "But while these conversations are ongoing, I’m not in a position to get into any details about the specifics of what we are discussing," Sloat emphasised.

The official said that at the NATO summit – where such security guarantees are expected to be announced – the United States would reaffirm its continued commitment to ensuring that "Ukraine remains democratic, independent, sovereign and prosperous".

Quote: "I’m not able to get ahead of that process [of diplomatic talks between Ukraine, US and other allies – ed.] beyond saying that we remain very committed to ensuring that we are continuing to provide the support that Ukraine needs, and so [we] are talking with them about structures and formats to be able to do that effectively," explained the representative of the National Security Council of the USA.



  • According to the German publication FAZ, the agreement on security guarantees for Ukraine could be signed before the NATO summit, which will be held on 11-12 July in Vilnius. 
  • President Volodymyr Zelenskyy emphasised that Ukraine really needs security guarantees, not as an alternative to membership, but for the time being until Ukraine becomes a member of NATO.

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