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Officials in Russia’s Bryansk Oblast claim missiles shot down and sawmill destroyed

Sunday, 9 July 2023, 16:19
Officials in Russia’s Bryansk Oblast claim missiles shot down and sawmill destroyed
Destruction at a sawmill in Bryansk Oblast, Russia. Photo: Baza

Aleksandr Bogomaz, Bryansk Oblast Governor, has said that two Ukrainian missiles have been shot down in the oblast, and a sawmill has been destroyed in the village of Bitosh.

Source: Aleksandr Bogomaz on Telegram; Baza; ASTRA

Quote from Bogomaz: "Today the anti-aircraft forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation shot down two missiles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. A sawmill was destroyed in the village of Bitosh after fragments of one of the missiles crashed there.


There were no casualties. Emergency services have been deployed to the site."

Details: The governor has not shared any photos or videos of the attack.

Meanwhile, the Baza Telegram channel posted several photos and claimed that an unmanned aerial vehicle attacked the sawmill in Bryansk Oblast. "According to early reports, the drone crashed into the roof of a building in the village of Dyatkovo and exploded," Baza wrote.

ASTRA reported, citing local social media accounts, that the explosion occurred at the sawmill in the village of Bitosh. "Local residents say there were several explosions," ASTRA wrote.

Previously: The Russian-appointed puppet leader of occupied Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, said on 9 July that Russian air defence forces had shot down a cruise missile near Kerch.

Later the governor of Russia’s Rostov Oblast also said that an air defence system was allegedly activated in Rostov Oblast, and some buildings were damaged.

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