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Results of night attack on Odesa: supermarket on fire, three people injured

Monday, 14 August 2023, 04:59
Results of night attack on Odesa: supermarket on fire, three people injured

Fires broke out at two facilities in Odesa on the night of 13-14 August, one of which was a supermarket, caused by the fall of debris from downed missiles, and three people were injured.

Source: Oleh Kiper, Head of Odesa Oblast Military Administration, on Telegram

Quote: "Several fires broke out in Odesa as a result of the enemy attack as pieces of missiles fell. The blast wave smashed windows in buildings." 

Details: Kiper said that three people were injured in the attack by the occupiers, and are being treated.

Suspilne.Odesa news outlet reported that a fire had broken out in a supermarket as a result of Russia's night attack on the city.

Later, the defence forces in Ukraine's south specified that due to the Russian missiles hitting the centre of Odesa, a student accommodation building at an educational institution and a supermarket were damaged by the debris.

The blast wave also smashed windows and balconies in several buildings and damaged cars parked nearby.

It is noted that a fire broke out at two of the facilities, and firefighters are working to extinguish it.

As the Ukrainian southern defence forces reported, three employees of the supermarket were injured and received medical assistance.

Background: Earlier, the Air Force reported that the Russians had launched attack drones and missiles in the direction of Odesa.

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