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Zelenskyy's administration aims at hampering Russian drone production

Tuesday, 15 August 2023, 20:48
Zelenskyy's administration aims at hampering Russian drone production

The Ukrainian authorities will seek Western sanctions for the owner and designer of ZALA AERO Alexander Zakharov, as well as pressure on companies that sell electronic components for the Lancet and Orlan drones to the Russians.

Source: Andrii Yermak, Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, on Telegram

Quote: "We were at the front with the president. Soldiers reported on the problems created by Russian UAVs, in particular, the Lancet attack and the Orlan reconnaissance drones for our forces. This is a threat that we have no right to ignore. I took notes.

Together with the increase in Ukrainian assault capabilities, we must do the maximum to limit the Russian ones."

Details: Just like other ZALA AERO company products, Lancet is a kind of munitions that the Russians use at the front against Ukrainian armoured vehicles, air defence systems and radars. 

Orlan is a reconnaissance drone that detects positions and corrects fire, Yermak explained.

The head of the President’s Office added that Ukrainian experts have long been investigating these UAVs and making conclusions that Ukraine shares with its partners.

Ukraine's intelligence does research on Russian methods of circumventing sanctions – this information is also transferred to partners as soon as possible.

Quote: "Sanctions have already been imposed on the owner and designer of ZALA AERO, Aleksandr Zakharov. Currently, these are Ukrainian [sanctions], but we are working to ensure that it falls under the sanctions of our partners.

In addition, Ukrainian, European, American and Australian restrictions were imposed on LLC CST, the main legal entity of ZALA AERO.

There will be other Ukrainian sanctions.

A Lancet UAV contains at least 19 foreign electronic components, in particular, Western ones. There are also many such components in an Orlan UAV.

Together with partner states, we are already working and will strengthen work on component manufacturers, as well as companies that supply them, bypassing sanctions restrictions".

Details: The head of the President’s Office also said that the McFaul-Yermak group will soon present "a document with specific sanctions proposals to prevent the flow of microelectronics, machine tools and other equipment necessary for the production of UAVs, as well as chemicals and other materials."

"In addition, we are also working towards limiting Russian electronic warfare systems and radars, the production of which depends on foreign components. This is important for the offensive," Yermak added.

He said all recent key sanctions packages from partners took into account the proposals of the McFaul-Yermak group regarding restrictions on Russian weapons; in particular, they relate to UAVs.

"We know that the best sanction is bavovna, but we work in all directions," Yermak added [Russian propaganda, initially refusing to use the word ‘vzryv’ (explosion), used ‘khlopok’ (a bang) instead. However, ‘khlopok’ also means ‘cotton’, and this has since become a meme - ed.].

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