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Ukraine's Defence Intelligence lured Russian Mi-8 helicopter into Ukraine

Wednesday, 23 August 2023, 14:45
Ukraine's Defence Intelligence lured Russian Mi-8 helicopter into Ukraine
Russian combat Mi-8 helicopter lured into Ukraine, photo by Ukrainska Pravda

Recently, a Mi-8 helicopter of the Russian Armed Forces ended up in Ukraine as a result of a long-term special operation of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

Source: high-rank sources of Ukrainska Pravda in the Defence Intelligence

Details: This happened as a result of a special operation of the Main Intelligence Directorate, which lasted more than 6 months.

Ukrainian intelligence lured a pilot of a Mi-8 AMTSh to Ukraine. The helicopter crew made a flight between two air bases and transported parts for Su-27 and Su-30 fighter jets.

Along with the pilot on board were two crew members who did not know where the helicopter was actually flying.

The M-8 landed in Kharkiv Oblast.

Russian Mi-8 helicopter ended up in Ukraine
Photo: Ukrainska Pravda

As a result of the special operation, two crew members were eliminated.

The pilot remained in Ukraine, and his family was taken there in advance. Now, the pilot and his family are in Ukraine.

The M-8 stayed in Ukraine, along with the fighter jets parts.

Defence Intelligence carried out a special operation and Ukraine received a Russian M-8
Photo: Ukrainska Pravda
Ukraine received not only a helicopter, but also details for fighter jets
Photo: Ukrainska Pravda

Ukrainska Pravda sources say the helicopter is now in Kyiv. 


  • In the spring of 2023, it became known about an unsuccessful attempt to lure a Russian pilot of Su-24 and Su-34 aircraft to Ukraine in the summer of 2022.
  • The Security Service of Ukraine detained the former acting commander of one of the Special Operation Forces units, Roman Chervinskyi, in the case of Russia's missile attack on Kanatove airfield.
  • On 21 April, Chervinskyi was served with a notice of suspicion under the article 426 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (abuse of power or authority by a military officer). Chervinskyi and other individuals decided to conduct a "special operation" to seize a Russian Aerospace Forces aircraft without any permission from the leadership. The Russian pilot supposedly agreed to the proposal to go over to Ukraine, but instead, Russia attacked the Kanatove airfield in Kirovohrad Oblast in the summer of 2022.
  • Andrii Yusov, representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, said that the Defence Intelligence "immediately rejected" the idea of hijacking the plane, proposed by former employee Roman Chervinskyi.

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