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Helicopters crash: Farewell ceremony for fallen Mi-8 crews held in Poltava

Friday, 1 September 2023, 15:57
Helicopters crash: Farewell ceremony for fallen Mi-8 crews held in Poltava

A farewell ceremony for the pilots and technicians of the Mi-8 helicopters who died near the village of Novoiavlenka, Donetsk Oblast, was held in Poltava, on 1 September.

Source: Ukrinform’s journalist reporting from the ceremony

Details: The names of crew members who died during the crash of two helicopters under unknown circumstances became known on Friday. All of them served in the 18th Separate Army Aviation Brigade named after Ihor Sikorskyi.


Relatives, friends and brothers-in-arms attended the farewell ceremony for helicopter commander Viktor Opanasiuk, flight commander Vladyslav Rymar, his navigator Ivan Yarovyi, pilot-navigator Valentyn Vorobets, senior on-board aviation technicians Yurii Anisimov and Yevhen Kysil.



  • On Tuesday, 29 August, two military helicopters crashed in Donetsk Oblast under unknown circumstances; the crews were killed, and criminal proceedings were opened.
  • On 30 August, the State Bureau of Investigation confirmed the information about crash of two helicopters and said special attention is being paid to studying the technical condition of the helicopters and compliance with the rules of flight preparation. The possibility of sabotage or destruction of the helicopters by the Russians will also be investigated.

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